finished products

ERL produces 16 petroleum products including a few non-fuel products, namely, SBP, JBO, MTT, BITUMEN. Some of these products are produced only on demand. A brief description of products are as follows:

SN Product Name Description Download Specification
01 RG RG (Refinery Gas) Bi>It is not a marketable product. It contains mostly C1-C2 hydrocarbons and is used as fuel in heaters of refinery.
02 LP Gas LPG (Liqueified Petroleum Gas) Bi>It contains mostly Propane and Butane and is marketed in steel cylinders by a separate company named LP Gas Ltd. It is very popular as cooking fuel and is also used in motor vehicles.
03 SBP SBP (Special Boiling Point Solvent) Bi>It is essentially a sweetened light gasoline (LG) and is used as industrial solvent and also in dry-cleaning.
04 naptha Naptha Bi>This is essentially untreated light & heavy gasoline that remains as excess. It is mainly used as feed for petrochemicals also as solvent. Naptha is mostly an exportable product.
05 motor sprit MOGAS (Regular) Bi>Popularly known as petrol, is used as fuel in petrol engines. It is a light petroleum distillate dyed orange and has an octane rating of minimum 80 RON (Research Octane Number).
06 hobc MOGAS (Premium) Bi>Popularly known as 100 Octane or simply as Octane (because, its octane number is close to 100), is used in combination with MOGAS in Petrol Engines. The base stock is reformate produced in Catalytic Reforming Unit. It is dyed red for marketing. It has an Octane rating of minimum 95
07 kerosene SKO (Superior Kerosene Oil) Bi>It is commonly known as kerosene and is mostly used for illumination and as cooking fuel.
08 MTT MTT (Mineral Turpentine) Bi>It is the lighter kerosene specially treated for use as thinner and solvent in paints and varnishes. It is also known as Turpentine Oil or White Spirit and is produced only on demand.
09 jet-A1 JET A-1 Bi>It is a specially treated kerosene with additives for improving certain product properties e.g. very low freezing point (-47°C). This product is used as fuel of aviation jet engines. Jet A-1 is now produced only on demand.
10 JBO JBO (Jute Batching Oil) Bi>This is a brown colored straight-run petroleum distillate used in the form of emulsion (water in oil) for softening, for removal of dust and other impurities, before spinning of jute. It is an important nonfuel petroleum product.
11 HSD HSD (High Speed Diesel) Bi>It is popularly known as Diesel and is used as fuel in high speed diesel engines of automobiles and irrigation pumps. It is also used in diesel generators for power generation. It is a light yellow colored distillate fuel.
12 LSDO LSDO (Low Sulfur Diesel Oil) Bi>It is a special diesel oil of lower sulfur content and is used as fuel in medium speed marine engines of Bangladesh Navy's Vessels.
13 LDO (Light Diesel Oil) Bi>It is a dark colored diesel fuel used in large stationary or low speed (less than 600 RPM) marine diesel engines.
14 Furnace Oil HSFO (High Sulfur Fuel Oil) Bi>It is commonly known as FO (Furnace Oil). This high sulfur residual fuel is now produced by blending straight-run residue with vis-broken residue and MHC unit residue. It is used solely as fuel for burning in furnaces and boilers.
15 LSFO (Low Sulfur Furnace Oil) Bi>This is the straight-run Murban residue. It is so named as its sulfur content is much lower (1.5% wt.). Production of LSFO has been discontinued.
16 Bitumen BITUMEN Bitumen is the desired product of Asphaltic Bitumen Plant. This is a very important non-fuel pretroleum product. ERL produces three grades of Bitumen namely 80/100, 60/100, 10/20. The 80/100 and 60/70 grades are used for construction of bitumen-carpeted roads. The 10/20 grade Bitumen is used mostly as insulation material in cold storages. Grade: 80-100 

Grade: 60-70   

Grade: 20-30   

Grade: 10-20   


International Tender for spare parts of compressor tools and varoius tools is available. Closing Date: 24-07-2017
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Job vaccancies for varoius positions are available. Download circular:

National Tender for Hot-Rolled Mild Steel Plate is available. Closing Date: 18-04-2017
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National Tender for the activation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant at ERL is available. Closing Date: 29-03-2017
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International Tender for diesel welding machine, seamless carbon steel pipe, ERW carbon steel pipe, various pipe fittings is available. Earliest closing Date: 28-03-2017
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Final Selection for the Posts of Heavy Vehicle Driver and Fire Tender Driver has been published. Last date of joining 19th February, 2017.
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International Tender for Online Oxygen Analyzer and Various Exchanger and Metal Gasket is available. Closing Date: 07-03-2017 and 23-03-2017
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Written test for the post of Management Professionals (Finance and Accounts/ Personnel and Admin) is scheduled on 10th February, 2017.
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National Tenders for various works are available.
Closing Date: 13-12-2016 and 19-12-2016
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International Tender for White Ceramic Fibre Blanket & Rock Wool Wire Insulation Blanket is available. Closing Date: 03-01-2017
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International Tender for ID Mount Electric Drive Portable Flange Facer, Seamless Admiralty Brass Tubes, Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, Economizer Tubes of Boiler-D, Heat Exchanger Tubes is available. Closing Date: 08-02-2017
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Laboratory Test Prices are updated
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News & Events
Eid-e-Miladunnabi (SAW) has been observed at ERL on 19thJanuary, 2017

Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and Technip for the installation of ERL unit-2 on 18thJanuary, 2017
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Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau for the installation of Single Point Mooring with Double Pipeline on 08thDecember, 2016
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MOI signed between BPC and EIL for Project Management Consultancy for ERL Unit 2 on 19th April, 2016
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39th Annual General Meeting held on 06thMay, 2016
Finished Products

Finished Products

ERL produces 16 petroleum products including a few non-fuel products, namely, SBP, JBO, MTT, BITUMEN. Some of these products are produced only on demand.


Physical Facilities

Refinery went on-stream with three Processing Units namely:
  Crude Distillation Unit,
  Catalytic Reforming Unit
  Hydrodesulphurization Unit




Tender Information

    Local Tender:
  •  Goods: 01
  •  Works: 00
  • Foreign Tender:
  •  Goods: 03
  •  Works: 01
  • EOI:
  •  Consultancy Service: 00

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Lab Testing

ERL has an well Equipped Quality Control Lab for ensuring best quality products. It also provides outsider the facilities for the following test: