1960 Project was initially conceived & initiated by the then Pakistani Entreprenuer & Reputed Person.
1963 Incorporated as a Public Limited Company under Companies Act. 1913
1966 Company started implementation of it's project as a Joint Venture with Burma Oil Company (BOC) of UK and signed a turn-key contract with three French Company TECHNIP, ENSA & COFRI.
1967 Installation of Refinery completed on 28th December, 1967.
1968 Started Commercial Operation on May 7, 1968.
1972 ERL was nationalized by the P.O.-27 and No-16 of 1972, and placed under newly created Bangladesh Minerals, Oil and Gas Corporation (BMOGC).
1974 Petrobangla was created by the Petroleum Act. 1974 and ERL was placed under Petrobangla.
1977 Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) was created in 1977 by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporatiion Ordinance, 1976 and subsequently ERL was placed under BPC as subsidiary with 70% of it's share. Remaining 30% of share was handed over to BOC of UK under the procedure of denationalization.
1980 Asphaltic Bitumen Plant owned by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporatiion (BPC) was constructed, commissioned and operated by ERL Management.
1985 BOC, UK sold their entire 30 % shares to BPC. Since then 100% of share of ERL are being held by BPC.
1992 A Modern Dolphin Jetty was constructed at RM-7 for handling crude reception and products export.
1995 Secondary Conversion Plant (SCP), the largest of all projects undertaken by ERL commissioned for produce additional high value product Diesel from low priced product Furnace oil
2000 Replacement work of Topping Column which is the heart of Crude oil Processing Plant successfully completed.
2002 Asphaltic Bitumen Plant (ABP), a unit of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) merged with Eastern Refinery Limited (ERL), as per decision of BPC's Board Meeting. Assets & Liabilities of ABP as on 30.06.2002 merged with the Assets & Liablities of ERL as on 30.06.2002 accordingly.
2008 Revamping Work of Topping Unit Furnace completed, which is the most essential component of Crude Oil Processing Plant.
2009 Computerized Auto Tank Gauging System implemented to ensure fault free oil movement, inventory control and to reduce accidental oil spillage.

International Tender Invitation of Plug Header,Various Exchanger & Metal Gasket and Aero Condenser Fin Tube.Closing Date: 29-04-2018
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এপ্রিল ২০১৮ থেকে ডিসেম্বর ২০২০ খ্রি. পর্যন্তÍ সময়ের জন্য ঢাকা কাস্টমস্ হাউজ-এ সিএন্ডএফ এজেন্ট নিয়োগের দরপত্র বিজ্ঞপ্তি। .Closing Date: 19-03-2018
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Tender Invitation of Electronic Database for SCP .Closing Date: 17-03-2018
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ইস্টার্ণ রিফাইনারী লিমিটেড (ইআরএল) এ সিভিল শাখার সংশ্লিষ্ট কাজে অভিজ্ঞতা সম্পন্ন আগ্রহী ঠিকাদারদের নিকট হইতে নির্ধারিত সিডিউল এ সীলমোহরকৃত দরপত্র আহ্বান করা যাচ্ছে।Closing Date: 20-03-2018
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Tender invitation for Mini Truck. Capacity-3 Ton,Hot Rolled Mild Steel Plate and LP and HP Dosing Pump with Motor. Closing date 27-03-2018.
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E-tender invitation for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of “Loss on Heating Determination Apparatus.”Closing Date: 01-04-2018
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Tender Invitation for Supply & Installation of complete Aerocondenser unit with steel structure for platform and Thermal Expansion Joints. Closing Date: 10-04-2018
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Tender Invitation for ID Mount Electric Drive Portable Flange Facer,On-Line Oxygen Analyzer,Steam Rubber Hose Pipe and Various Valves.
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ইস্টার্ণ রিফাইনারী লিমিটেড (ইআরএল) এ সিভিল শাখার সংশ্লিষ্ট কাজে অভিজ্ঞতা সম্পন্ন আগ্রহী ঠিকাদারদের নিকট হইতে নির্ধারিত সিডিউল এ সীলমোহরকৃত দরপত্র আহ্বান করা যাচ্ছে।Closing Date: 07-03-2018
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Tender Invitation for Caustic Soda (NaOH),Physical Form: Flakes or Pearl,Various Sizes Tyre with Tube, Double Door Refrigerator(213 Ltr, Public Address System for Training Center Seminar Room
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Tender Invitation for Engineering Inspection of Boiler ‘E’ at ERL. Closing Date: 05-03-2018
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Recruitment Result notice for engagement of Probationary Engineer & Management Professional.
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Laboratory Test Prices are updated
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News & Events
40thAnnual General Meeting held on 02ndAug, 2017

Eid-e-Miladunnabi (SAW) has been observed at ERL on 19thJanuary, 2017

Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and Technip for the installation of ERL unit-2 on 18thJanuary, 2017
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Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau for the installation of Single Point Mooring with Double Pipeline on 08thDecember, 2016
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MOI signed between BPC and EIL for Project Management Consultancy for ERL Unit 2 on 19th April, 2016
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Finished Products

Finished Products

ERL produces 16 petroleum products including a few non-fuel products, namely, SBP, JBO, MTT, BITUMEN. Some of these products are produced only on demand.


Physical Facilities

Refinery went on-stream with three Processing Units namely:
  Crude Distillation Unit,
  Catalytic Reforming Unit
  Hydrodesulphurization Unit




Tender Information

    Local Tender:
  •  Goods: 09
  •  Works: 06
  • Foreign Tender:
  •  Goods: 08
  •  Works: 00
  • EOI:
  •  Consultancy Service: 00

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Lab Testing

ERL has an well Equipped Quality Control Lab for ensuring best quality products. It also provides outsider the facilities for the following test: