Fire Service


The design pliilosophy adopted here assumed that there will be only one fire in the plant or Tank Farm but that a second fire could occur shortly after the first has been extinguished.


The system is basically designed in accordance the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code.

Fire Service


Manual push billions are provided in ('.orilrol Root ii, Povver House & k ire Station. lf one of these pust hi Thwis is depressed in tile event of ttle tire etttetgency, a loud sound (tom hicrh power siren will be sounded fronrall locations of the Refinery.


Fire Service


General philosophy of the fire fighting operation is that of control and containment with ultimate extinction. For efficient and rapid extinction of fire, ERL equipped with following fire vehicle.

a) Foam Tender 1 Capacity 800 Gallons
b) Foam Tender 2 Capacity 1000 Gallons
c) Twin Agent Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV)
Capacity 1,500 lb Dry Powder
200 Gallon Pre mix Foam
200 Gallon Foam Tank
d)Pick up truck (2 nos.) For easy and faster mobilization of manpower and equipments to site area in case of needs.
Fire Service


It is imperative that Refinery should have at its disposal, at all times, a substantial number of trained personnel who at the time of a fire and safety emergency can decide and act promptly and accurately to tackle such situation. With this end in view, a Program of comprehensive training scheme has been developed as a part of ERL's Safety Rules for implementation. The salient feature of this scheme will be as follows:


International Tender for spare parts of compressor tools and varoius tools is available. Closing Date: 24-07-2017
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Job vaccancies for varoius positions are available. Download circular:

National Tender for Hot-Rolled Mild Steel Plate is available. Closing Date: 18-04-2017
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National Tender for the activation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant at ERL is available. Closing Date: 29-03-2017
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International Tender for diesel welding machine, seamless carbon steel pipe, ERW carbon steel pipe, various pipe fittings is available. Earliest closing Date: 28-03-2017
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Final Selection for the Posts of Heavy Vehicle Driver and Fire Tender Driver has been published. Last date of joining 19th February, 2017.
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International Tender for Online Oxygen Analyzer and Various Exchanger and Metal Gasket is available. Closing Date: 07-03-2017 and 23-03-2017
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Written test for the post of Management Professionals (Finance and Accounts/ Personnel and Admin) is scheduled on 10th February, 2017.
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National Tenders for various works are available.
Closing Date: 13-12-2016 and 19-12-2016
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International Tender for White Ceramic Fibre Blanket & Rock Wool Wire Insulation Blanket is available. Closing Date: 03-01-2017
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International Tender for ID Mount Electric Drive Portable Flange Facer, Seamless Admiralty Brass Tubes, Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, Economizer Tubes of Boiler-D, Heat Exchanger Tubes is available. Closing Date: 08-02-2017
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Laboratory Test Prices are updated
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News & Events
Eid-e-Miladunnabi (SAW) has been observed at ERL on 19thJanuary, 2017

Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and Technip for the installation of ERL unit-2 on 18thJanuary, 2017
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Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau for the installation of Single Point Mooring with Double Pipeline on 08thDecember, 2016
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MOI signed between BPC and EIL for Project Management Consultancy for ERL Unit 2 on 19th April, 2016
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39th Annual General Meeting held on 06thMay, 2016
Finished Products

Finished Products

ERL produces 16 petroleum products including a few non-fuel products, namely, SBP, JBO, MTT, BITUMEN. Some of these products are produced only on demand.


Physical Facilities

Refinery went on-stream with three Processing Units namely:
  Crude Distillation Unit,
  Catalytic Reforming Unit
  Hydrodesulphurization Unit




Tender Information

    Local Tender:
  •  Goods: 01
  •  Works: 00
  • Foreign Tender:
  •  Goods: 03
  •  Works: 01
  • EOI:
  •  Consultancy Service: 00

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Lab Testing

ERL has an well Equipped Quality Control Lab for ensuring best quality products. It also provides outsider the facilities for the following test: